Please note - To access the worlds, you now MUST use the launcher pack available from the download page.


Recovering the past.

As part of the early development efforts, way back in 1998, we captured a lot of the traffic that the WorldsAway client and server exchanged. This was in order to deduce the protocol, however it had the side effect of capturing the locales being passed through at the time. This is a unique snapshot of the Dreamscape, plus a few bits of other worlds, and provides a glimpse into the past ..

Whilst the recovery attempts have been completed, stitching them together into a world you can visit is still ongoing. When this has been completed, you will be able to visit the world via this page.

When visiting, you will be limited to viewing as a ghost. You will see avatars present; these are the original users as spotted in those locales 22+ years ago. Sadly, you cannot interact with them, and they are but statues nowadays. Maybe you will spot somebody you know.