Please note - To access the worlds, you now MUST use the launcher pack available from the download page.


Help create the world

Thank you for your interest in building areas of our world.

You may login to our special Builders world below. This is completely seperate from any of the other worlds, and is intended for you to develop your designs in a safe environment, away from random users. Once you have created your designs and they have been approved, they will be moved to the main world by an administrator.

Although you have an avatar in the builders world, chat facilities are disabled and customisation options are limited. Please use the main world if you wish to chat.

You will need to be allocated a username and password by an adminstrator before you can login; registrations are disabled on this world. If you wish to design regions for our world, please contact us with your proposals.

Accounts will be kept under constant review. Users who do not login or produce meaningful designs will be contacted to see if they need further assistance or to see if they wish to keep the account.

Builders World Login :



There is no open registration for Builders' World. If you are interested in building locales for use in AltAway worlds, please contact Amanda in-world or via Discord. Preference will be given to people with experience building in WorldsAway compatible worlds already. If you have a portfolio, all the better!