Please note - To access the worlds, you now MUST use the launcher pack available from the download page.

Downloads and Software

AltAway is full compatible with Fujitsu/CompuServe era WorldsAway client software, versions 2.4 and earlier. It has been tested on Avaterra's Virtual Zones client v 3.0 but is is not the best experience (and indeed, it was derided somewhat at the time!) Metroworlds clients will work in theory, but are locked to servers which no longer exist. Modern (v4.x) VZones clients are not supported due to excessive antisocial behaviour by the client software.

If you do not still have a suitable client installed (and who would, after over 20 years, we have the following packages available -

Latest version.

Older versions.

These will still work; if you already have an older version installed that is working for you, there is no need to upgrade. Should a required upgrade be necessary, you will receive a message on startup prompting you to download the latest version.

  • Installer v2.0 This will install the original Fujitsu/CompuServe v2.4 WorldsAway client, plus a special AltAway launcher application to allow you quick and easy access to our Demo World. New version 2.0 includes saved credentials, selection of world to connect to, integration of SceneBuilder, and multi-avvie and reduced CPU usage. REQUIRES 2.5.6 UPDATE TO BE USEABLE.
  • Update Launcher to 2.5.6 - download as zip for 64bit systems or zip for 32bit systems. This will replace the launcher installed by the above package.
    Click Open when downloaded, and drag the files within to your c:\AltAway folder, confirming replacing existing files if prompted.
  • Installer 2.5.8 Withdrawn due to typo that might prevent connections!

Games, clients and hosters

Most original third-party hoster and client games designed to work with WorldsAway/VZones will also work with AltAway. Here are some links to suitable programs:

  • Houston's Programs Possibly the leading extant supplier of WA Games!
  • MadraRua A selection of games by MadraRua.
  • Bingo95 by Kenn Flee. One of the first bingo cards; Just unzip and run.