Please note - To access the worlds, you now MUST use the launcher pack available from the download page.


Welcome to an exciting new adventure.

Join us on an exciting trip to the past, to a time when modems stopped you making telephone calls, when Twitter, Facebook and even Google did not exist. Join us exploring the historical island of Kymer, and then try out the brand new land of AltAway.

Kymer is a partial resconstruction of the original city of Phantasus as made available by Fujitsu Business Systems of America and CompuServe Information Services, back in the 1990s, reconstructed from packet captures and data from 1998 and presented as a way of exploring this world-as-it-was. Only limited activities are available to visitors to avoid damaging the historic ambiance of this virtual museum.

Avagoria is our new world, with full functionality; you can buy and sell objects, rent turfs, customise your avatar, chat, make friends and enjoy yourself! There will be games and activities and quests to complete; everything you would expect from a modern implementation of this technology. There is no charge to join.

The AltAway server software is a cleanroom coded emulation of the original 1990s Fujitsu/CompuServe WorldsAway servers, implementing the InterVerse 2.x protocol so that client software from the period can once again connnect to a working server. Only the network communications and client data files were examined in order to produce the emulation, an activity that is perfectly legal under EU Law. The client does not encrypt or obfuscate any of this, so it's trivial to access this information, and thus there is no avoidance of countermeasures. Despite what certain people might suggest, this makes this software perfectly legal to operate, to access, and even to distribute.

You will need the 1999-era WorldsAway 2.4 client software to connect to this service. Pleaese see the software and downloads page to grab our all-new launcher, packaged with the old 2.4 software, fixed up somewhat!

What there is to do

We're still working on rescuing the data to resurrect Kymer as it was in 1998. At the moment, the only available world to explore is our beta test world, "Demo"! You can, however, do many of the things you would expect.

  • Customise your avatar
  • Buy useful things
  • Chat with friends
  • Host or play games
  • Explore our world
  • Vote on new features